ANG Bowling Museum

History of the Air National Guard Bowling Tournament
The Air National Guard Bowling Tournament was conceived by Sgt. John Hylton, USAF, an advisor to the 167th West Virginia Air National Guard. Sgt. Hylton recognized the need to bring Air National Guard members from different units together for camaraderie and healthy competition. The first three year's tournaments were held in Martinsburg, West Virginia beginning in 1962, with 15 teams from the eastern United States participating. In 1965 the tournaments shifted to Salt Lake City, Utah and from this point on the Delegates elected the tournament locations on an annual basis. The 25th tournament, the silver anniversary was held in Louisville, Kentucky with over 250 teams from all over the US participating. In the tournaments 39 year history, bowlers have traveled to 22 different states, visiting and bowling in 26 different cities.

Tournament Hosts & Champs

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300 Games

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Bowling Patches

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Open Delegates

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