Recruiting- Steps to Join

Steps to Join
Call or email us to schedule an interview with you. This interview is to determine your interests and goals. 

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery is a written exam given to everyone wanting to enter the military. The test rates your aptitude in four areas: Mechanics, Administration, General, and Electrical. These results will determine which types of jobs are best suited for you. 

All applicants are given a physical exam. Our physicians will determine if you are physically qualified for military service. 

Your ASVAB scores and physical profile will be put into the computer to generate a listing of jobs you are qualified to select from. You will then visit the sections and check out as many career fields as you like until you find the one you are most interested in learning. 

Once all documents are signed to enlist in the Air National Guard an officer will administer the Oath of Enlistment to you. This is your formal induction into the military. Family and friends are invited to share this important step in your life. 

After enlistment into the Air National Guard you will be scheduled to attend eight weeks of  Basic Military Training (BMT). After BMT you will attend a technical school for training in the career field you selected. After technical school you will return home and attend training one weekend a month (called UTAs) and two weeks every year (Annual Training).