West Virginia National Guard Adjutant General sets focus for 2018

  • Published
  • By Maj. Gen. James A. Hoyer

As we look forward to a new year as one of the Nation's most outstanding organizations, I want to take time to focus our efforts on what is most important to achieve our missions going into 2018.

 Last year, as in years past, we saw first-hand the innovative spirit and determined leadership that brought forth new programs and ideas while accomplishing our missions both at home and abroad. It is because of each Soldier and Airman serving today that we were able to accomplish every task given, most times exceeding expectations, for our diverse mission sets across the force.

 As the United States continues to face uncertain challenges from our adversaries, we must maintain our focus throughout the year in order to be an effective, ready force and a deterrent.

Because of the serious nature of what we deal with in the military, it is my intent that each unit, and every Soldier and Airman within the organization, will embody these three missions: Be exceptional at our military mission, be exceptional at our civil support mission and be value-added to West Virginia.

 Individually and collectively, we must be ready to respond to our citizens in West Virginia in the event of a homeland or emergency response situation. Through strategic partnerships and inventive ideas, we have sought and implemented value-added programs to meet the needs of our State. It is our priority to ensure we utilize the Joint Base West Virginia construct to create opportunities and fill gaps and needs in national defense and homeland security problems to deliver timely solutions utilizing West Virginia's best resource - its people.

 In addition to responding to our citizens at home, we must also be prepared to meet the individual services requirements set forth in our national defense strategy. Our preparation as both individual Soldiers and Airmen, as well as units, sends a strong message to our adversaries that we, as Citizen-Soldiers and Airmen, are prepared to defend our country anywhere and anytime! Leaders throughout the WVNG will continue to implement readiness training throughout the year to better prepare and respond to any threat we may face.

 Most importantly, we will continue to hold ourselves to a higher standard and those values instilled in us when we joined the military. Inherently, the rest of the country looks to the Citizen-Solider and Airmen as an example of upholding values and maintaining integrity. Our Nation should always be able to look to us as the beacon of values, integrity and leadership.

 In short, these ideals and principles we espouse and live - exceeding the standards, taking care of one another, focusing on our readiness - allows the West Virginia National Guard to execute our mission with success as we have done since our beginning in 1735.