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Airman Spotlight

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Do you ever wonder how your travel voucher pays out?  Do you ever wonder how days get loaded in our orders system? How about when you look into DTS and you see those Lines of Accounting you have to choose, do you wonder how they get there?  Do you ever wonder how a “Cross Organizations” show up in your DTS?

All these questions have the same answer, the Budget Analyst which is Tech. Sgt. Christina Grim. 

She has served at the 167th Airlift Wing for 19 years. During her initial enlistment she was a ground radio operator for the 167th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron. After a few years of a break in service, she returned to the wing and joined the comptroller flight.

Grim manages all the days and dollars for the wing to ensure funds are utilized legally and efficiently. Airmen would not be able to travel nor would they be able to accomplish training or get paid for drill without the work accomplished by Grim.

Documents sent directly from the United States Property and Fiscal Officer (USPFO) to the Comptroller and Budget office, give the wing permission to spend federal dollars.  This money has to be loaded by the budget office, a two-step process involving the budget officer and the analyst.

Maj. James Domenico, 167th Comptroller Flight commander, said Grim is a valuable asset to the wing because she has a vast knowledge of most financial situations. She accomplished the roles of budget analyst and budget officer during personnel transitions in the budget office and she is a subject matter expert on travel pay involving other branches of the Department of Defense

“She spent time as the lead defense travel administrator, she served as the military and travel pay specialist, and also as the accounting liaison officer. Mix all of this with an incredible attitude and a wonderful customer service background, Tech Sgt. Grim can be considered the MVP of the finance office,” Domenico said.

Grim has an associate's degree and Cyber Security Certificate from Blue Ridge Community and Technical College and plans to finish her bachelor's degree in financial management this year.

 “I enjoy spending time in nature soaking up the sunshine, swimming, biking, skiing, reading, cooking and gardening,” said Grim who grows her own vegetables and herbs.

 She is proudest of being a mother to her 9-year old son.

 “I love learning and growing with him,” she said.