167th Security Forces Squadron announces newest Raven

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Sylvester Payne
  • 167th Airlift Wing

The 167th Security Forces is proud to announce that Staff Sgt. Joshua Pluta graduated from the Air Force Phoenix Raven Course, June 25. The U.S. Air Force Phoenix Raven program pro­vides highly trained and knowledgeable security forces teams to provide security for aircraft transiting particularly danger­ous, high terrorist or high criminal areas all around the world.

“It was a challenging program that pushed me to my limits,” Pluta said. “Going into the course I was not expecting it to be as physically demanding. Having completed the course I am proud to be among the small percentage to have completed this training. It has allowed me to grow as a Defender and also as a man.”

The Phoenix Raven course began February 1997 and since then over 2700 Air Force Security Forces personnel have completed the extensive Phoenix Raven program. The Phoenix Raven program is strictly voluntary. The men and women who chose to participate are physically and mentally challenged beyond their limitation at the McGuire-Dix- joint base military facility in Lakehurst, N.J. The Phoenix Raven training program is an intensive three-week, 12 hours-a-day course that covers awareness in cross-cultural awareness, legal considerations, embassy operations, airfield survey tech­niques, explosive and ordnance aware­ness, aircraft searches and unarmed self-defense techniques. Students are also exposed to more the 70 use of force sce­narios where the stress is simulated using role players. In addition to their training, it also includes instruction and realistic and practical exercise in anti-terrorism/force protection, verbal judo, combatives, tactical baton employment and advanced firearm proficiency. Upon graduation, the Ravens are issued a lifetime numeric iden­tifier.

The 167th Security Forces Squadron congratulates Pluta, Phoenix Raven number 2680.