167th Airlift Wing Airman Spotlight Apr 2019

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Staff Sgt. Ashley Peters is an aerospace medical technician for the 167th Medical Group. She supports the 167th Airlift Wing mission by ensuring Airmen are medically ready.

“On a drill weekend, I can be found performing diverse tasks ranging from blood draws to EKGs and medical interviews,” said Peters.

“She is always willing to go above and beyond for the mission,” said Peters’ supervisor, Master Sgt. Jennifer Day.

In addition to her regular duties, Day said Peters is a Green Dot coordinator, she is developing a new training plan for the nursing services section and she assists with their morale events.

Peters has also served at two Innovative Readiness Training events, which provide medical services to underserved communities while also providing training to military medical personnel.

“I spent two weeks working on an Indian Reservation in North Dakota where I learned about a new culture, enhanced my skills as a medic, and made a huge impact throughout the community with the youth and elders,” Peters said of one of the IRT events.

Peters said, in the five years she has been in the military, two of the most valuable lessons she has learned is to never give up and don’t be afraid to ask for help. 

“Before joining the military I had torn my ACL and spent almost an entire year rehabbing the injury post-surgery to make sure I was medically ready to pursue this goal I had set for myself. Coming out of [basic training], I had the highest [fitness test] score in my flight and in my five years have never scored below a 95% on the test,” Peters said.  “Asking for help is something I can’t stress enough. It can be very easy to get overwhelmed on a drill weekend, but I have found how relying on teammates is critical to get the mission accomplished.”

Peters, who spent a summer playing softball in Italy before going to college, holds a Bachelor of Science in health science. She is currently pursuing a master’s in business management while also working as a management analyst.

“My civilian goals tie in with my military goals,” she said. “I would like to have my master’s completed within the next three years to move into a management position and lead a team of consultants. Military-wise, I would ultimately like to commission and be a respected leader that impacts fellow Airmen.”

Peters said people may be surprised to know that she was raised on a cattle farm.  Her hobbies include working out and weightlifting, spending time with her family including her husband and four dogs, hiking and finding new donut shops.