Attention to detail

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Steven Sechler
  • 167AW

It’s all about the details.

Attention to detail is drilled into the minds of military members the second they get to bootcamp. From boot laces, to haircuts, to tiny strings poking out of the seams. This is also how Teddy, a member of the 167th Airlift Wing, runs his car detailing business.

“The skills and training I’ve received in the military has helped me not only be a better person but a better business owner,” said Senior Airman Edward “Teddy” Michon II, 167th Airlift Wing, public affairs specialist, and owner and operator of Drexel Detailing LLC.

“Especially in this trade field I work with my hands and solve problems from step one through to the end.”

Michon started detailing cars eight years ago. During this time, he served in the U.S. Army and then transferred to the Air National Guard.

Getting into car detailing came with a lot of lessons.

“There’s not a lot of schooling for detailing,” Teddy said.

In order to get to the point of professionalism he is now, lots of trial and error occurred. He researched the best products, watched tutorials and put in a great deal of hands-on training.

According to Michon, his own progress depended 100 percent on how much work he was willing to put in. Detailing is a labor intense career field. From kneeling on the ground to holding up machinery to a car for hours, the job requires patience and dedication.

Through his meticulous eye and hours, possibly days of work on a single vehicle, Michon’s commitment to excellence pays off.

“Seeing the client satisfied is why I do this,” Teddy said. “You see a huge difference from the before and after photos, and they’re always very impressed.”

His business works on every type of vehicle. From the smallest most beat up car to the biggest luxury truck. He also works on boats occasionally and motorcycles in order to service a wide range of people.

Not only does he have a great clientele because of his own amazing work ethic, but he also attributes gaining their trust to his military sense.

“I feel like that gives them a little bit more trust in handing their vehicle over to me, it gives them a sense of accountability,” Teddy said.

His recent business challenge has been acquiring a bigger space for bringing in vehicles to detail. He plans on continuing expansion through opening more locations as well as broadening the services his business offers. He’s a true believer in being passionate about what people do so they never work a day in their life.

“I’ve always had a great work ethic, but the military definitely pushed that further, just as our uniform should be perfect at all times, I go into every job with that same expectation,” Teddy said. “It’s all about attention to detail.”