167th Airlift Wing Airman Spotlight March 2023

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Staff Sgt. Shayla Ramsey is a client service technician for the 167th Communications Flight and the 167th Airlift Wing Airman Spotlight for March 2023.

As a client service technician, Ramsey is responsible for ensuring the wing’s information technologies (IT) function correctly. She troubleshoots and repairs problems, performs information technology support functions and reports and takes corrective measures for security incidents.

Ramsey is a student at West Virginia University. She recently graduated with a degree in Public Health and is enrolled in an accelerated nursing program. She maintains a 3.75 GPA and is a community volunteer.

“Staff Sgt. Ramsey is a highly motivated NCO that consistently demonstrates her abilities to take on any task that she is given,” said Master Sgt. Marissa Abe, 167th client service center non-commissioned officer in charge.  “She is an IT professional that has shown constant dedication for her work to ensure mission success. In addition to her technical skills, she is an exceptional mentor who is willing to train and guide members in the shop.”

Hometown: Mercersburg, PA

Job Title: Client Systems Technician

How long have you served in the unit? Almost 6 years

How does your job support the 167th's mission? Provide essential communication and network support throughout the wing, by troubleshooting, educating, and assisting a variety of technical issues to assure NIPR and SIPR capabilities.

Civilian job: West Virginia University Student/Clinical Associate at Ruby Memorial Hospital

Education: I am a 2018 graduate of James Buchanan High School. I graduated in 2022 with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health at WVU and am currently in the accelerated nursing program to get my BSN in 2024.

Hobbies: Working out, traveling, concerts, WVU sporting events

Goals (military and/or civilian): I would like to eventually be a travel nurse and potentially commission!

I am proudest of: The independence the military has given me

People may be surprised to know this about me: My family didn’t force me to join (Editor’s note: Staff Sgt. Ramsey is one of five members of the Ramsey family currently serving at the 167th AW)

The most exciting thing I've done in the military is: Meet new people, see new places and gain new skills.

One/Some of the most valuable lessons I've learned throughout my career:  It’s okay to fail. The journey will always lead you to a valuable outcome, even if it wasn’t the expected outcome.

Always keep your goals in the back of your head. Life might change your priorities, but each step should be towards a goal.

My advice to the newest Airmen in the Wing: Make as many relationships as you can. Whether it is during drill weekends or while on orders, you will most likely run into them again.

The best thing about working with my team is: Seeing how different approaches can lead to a solution.