Wing opens new fitness room

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Nathanial Taylor
  • 167th Airlift Wing
The 167th Airlift Wing opened its new, on-base fitness room on Oct. 28.

A fitness area had temporarily been located across from its current home, building 119, while the building was undergoing renovations.

The fitness room includes new and updated equipment along with a more spacious layout, said Senior Master Sgt. Jason Meacham, the base services specialist.

"The old setup was very tight to me, I didn't like that," Meacham said. "If you had more than three people trying to lift weights at the same time, they were right on top of each other."

According to Meacham, he and his team visited other guard units before deciding on what equipment to add and how the area should be setup.

"For what we have, there is a good mix of space and equipment," he said. "We should consider ourselves lucky."

Adding: "Considering what we could have, we really can't complain."

United States Air Force Services is governed by the Golden Eagle Standard, a plan that dictates what services will be offered and how they will be carried out. According to Meacham, the wing is required to have a fitness room but each wing is given a lot of discretion as to what it will consist of.

"We are required to have a certain amount of cardio machines based on the size of our base and that we are a guard unit," Meacham said. "There are a few other machines that we are required to have, but after that there is a lot more freedom."

Meacham hopes that the wing will respect the equipment and others using the area.

"Moving things around takes away space from other people who might be doing other things," Meacham said. "Don't throw the weights around. Just be respectful to your peers."

Meacham said the wing will be receiving additional new equipment within the next couple of weeks to include several treadmills, spin bikes, dumbbells and new ellipticals.